You don't just wear any old tuque when you're cheering on the Montreal Canadiens. You need a vintage-style pom tuque that harkens back to the beginning of the team. The 1910-1911 season was the debut of this classic design, and Tricolore Sports has an exclusive on it. The new logo introduced then - a green leaf with "C" and "A" standing for Club Athlétique-Canadien - is emblazoned on this 100% acrylic yarn tuque. It wouldn't be complete without the pom pom on top. Show your true colours as a fan with this historical hat.


- Tricolore Sports exclusive.
- Beige and red tuque with a pom-pom.
- Vintage style from 1910-1911 with the green CA logo.
- 100% acrylic design that keeps you warm.